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Why is it important to use SEO for your website?

SEO, search engine optimization, is the process of improving the visibility of your website, in a search engine’s results. It is one of the most powerful tools of advertising on the internet. Good SEO can attract more potential customers to your website and give you an insight into consumer behavior. Here are just a few benefits of SEO.


This is the most obvious benefit of SEO. A high ranking means that people searching within your niche are more likely to find you. When a customer searches for a particular product, they’re more likely to click the top 3 or top 5 suggestions. Pay attention to your SEO, and you can take advantage of higher rankings.


SEO is more rewarding than any other form of advertisement. It is an inbound market strategy; your website only appears when people are searching for a particular product. You don’t have to convince your customers to buy any particular product. All you have to do is to convince them that your website is the best place to do business.  And what better way to do that than be ranked on the first page of a search engine?


When any customer searches for a particular product, then subconsciously he makes mental notes of all the websites that appear first. You automatically enter into the good books of the customer. The more you are online and in the spotlight of the targeted customers, the more likely you are to develop a good reputation.


SEO isn’t just for Google. It works for big sites like Yahoo and Youtube, as well as Bing and Yelp. When you use the correct SEO strategies, your visibility will dramatically increase across the web. Your target audience will be easier to reach than ever.


Almost 85% of customers prefer to to check online reviews and product sites before purchasing a product, and this figure will only increase in the future. Which is great! Heres the rub though; if you have not used SEO extensively, then customers will find it difficult to find you. To claim your market share, it is essential to use SEO.


Almost all of your competitors are surely using SEO. If you are not, you could be falling behind. You may feel that SEO is not necessary, but as the competition grows, it will become vital to stand out in saturated markets.


Let us help you out with SEO, and we’ll hit the first page of Google!

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Finding New Buildings in the Dust of the Old

With the continued and growing emphasis on sustainability in construction we could be on the verge of a radical shift in how we think about the current stock of buildings. The time may be coming when we stop planning for building replacement, and instead plan for building reuse. That in turn would significantly change the roles of designers and builders.

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