Why you need to build an online portfolio?

Why to build an online portfolio?

Forbes article writes, “56 percent of hiring managers are more impressed by an online portfolio than any normal one”. This shows how important an online portfolio can be for your job hunting scheme. Only a minimum amount of job seekers, 7 percent, have an online portfolio. I present you four basic reasons why you should create one asap.

  1. Marketing yourself

When you are in market looking for a job you better know how to represent yourself. Getting your name out there is a start. This shows people what exactly you are capable of in this sea of competition.  You should know how to survive and maximize the tools you know. Therefore creating an online portfolio will increase your visibility and accessibility.

  1. Bigger platform to show yourself

A bigger platform will help you market yourself beyond your resume or cover letter. It provides you with a wide platform that you can attach to your other job applications. This lets the hiring managers see a deeper level of your skills and qualifications. You can include videos, photos, recommendations, presentation slides, or anything you can think of. This will make your portfolio more appealing to your potential employer.

  1. Organized data

It is also the easiest way to keep all your job related information organized in one place. It can also serve you as a backup. So next time if someone asks you for your latest resume, you’re all ready to show them what you got.

  1. Tool to yourself

You what to gather all your skills and professional work to you see your strengths. This can also identify where you can improve on your career or resume.

That’s not it! A successful online portfolio should be kept up to date according to the accounts. This will give you a strong resume, letting the hiring managers know that you are connected to the world by all means.

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