Why do you need to build an online portfolio?

Why build an online portfolio?

During a job search it can be difficult to stand out. An impressive online portfolio can help separate your work from everyone else’s.

1. Marketing yourself

When you are looking for a job,  getting you name in the mix is always a good start. But then what? You want people to associate your name with good work. An online portfolio will allow you to showcase who you are and what you do in a unique way.

2. Organized data

An online portfolio, or personal website,  is the easiest way to keep all your job related information organized in one place. Update it as you go, and all your information will be saved and ready at a moment’s notice. While you’ll certainly keep a classic resume on hand, if you ever run out or forget it, a portfolio can serve as a backup.

3. Tailored to you

Something to keep in mind, is that a resume is one page of typed information. A website can include videos, pictures, essays, and so much more. While many resumes look almost identical, your online page can be as custom as you like.

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